The Healing Power of Nature



The photos above show how the foot can rehabilitate itself, even after years of shoeing. The photo on the left was taken right after the horse, a 19 year-old TB, was deshod. He had virtually no digital cushion.  The photo on the right was taken after he had been barefoot for 2 years. The changes didn't necessarily take 2 years, that is just when I took the after photo.





The photos above show how rapidly the hoof can change shape. There is less than eight weeks between these pictures. (The photo on the left was taken 7/5/07 and the one on the right was taken 8/28/07). Evidence that a hoof doesn't always have to grow out to change hoof deformity. The elasticity of the inner wall is responsible for the change.





The photos above show the feet of a 28 year-old Quarter Horse. The photo on the left was taken on 1/6/07 right after he had been deshod (note the nail holes about 1" up from the bottom). The photo on the right was taken 2/10/07 - the nail holes have already grown out! And the hoof angle is growing in better. Nature is always trying to grow a healthy foot, regardless of a horse's age.





After the first trim the (7/29/06) the bars extend almost all the way to the tip of the frog, and although not clearly visible in the photo, the sole was completely flat.

At the second trim (9/1/06) the bars extend only to the middle of the frog (where they should be) and the sole has gained some concavity. In only 5 weeks the foot made the changes on its own.





This is a hind foot. The photo on the left was taken in April 2008, the one on the right in July of 2008. The only trimming was to bevel the toe and remove dead sole when possible. When dead sole was removed, the walls were taken down to just above sole level. This is a huge transformation and a good example of true "natural" barefoot trimming. Nothing was ever forced. (Note: photo on right was taken after dead sole was removed, but before the wall was trimmed.)


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