The Negative Effects of Shoes



Back in the old days, it may have been hard to prove the negative effects of shoes, but today, there is no longer any doubt. Advancements in science now allow us to see things the human eye is incapable of viewing. We can also measure forces using instruments that leave little doubt as to the facts of the matter. The high speed videos of a trotting horse landing barefoot, and landing shod are real eye openers. Seeing it just once you will not be able to look at shoes the same again. Imagine the effects of years of such concussive forces. Is it any wonder that horses get arthritis, back and joint problems, not to mention Navicular? The real wonder is that they are not all crippled! Just imagine a human athlete performing under such conditions. Far from the high tech shock absorption of modern athletic shoes for humans, the horse's shoes INCREASE the effects of impact many times.

Shod landing 


Barefoot landing




Thermography now allows us to see the reduced circulation caused by shoes.  Shoes are placed on the hoof when it is unloaded and because of their rigidity, the hoof cannot expand on loading as nature intended, thus interfering with the circulatory system of the foot.

On the left an unshod horse and on the right a shod horse.

These and more photos can be viewed here:

 For additional thermographic evidence view a Thermographic Study of the Horse at Work (by EasyCare)



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