What Does It Look Like?

As a horse owner going barefoot you will hear lots of terms. You will also hear about all kinds of conditions your horse might have or could possibly get.

On this page I will post photos of many of those conditions.


Lamellar Wedge
Negative Plane Coffin Bone

Location of the heels, seat of corn, and heel quarter



Keratoma (a tumor under the hoof wall)

Keratoma at the toe


In this photo the Keratoma is barely visible, as it's very small.  The actual crack that is caused by the lack of attachment of the wall, is black.  The keratoma is vertical, skinny, and just to the left of the black gap. It looks like a wavy line.


This foot belongs to a 20+ Quarter Horse mare, on a 6-week trim schedule.  The radiograph was taken just prior to her trim due date.






Lamellar Wedge 


lamellar wedge examples


Negative Plane Coffin Bone
Negative Plane Coffin Bone


It's quite clear that excess sole under the coffin bone is what pushes it out of place.  The image below is the same horse, same foot, with normal coffin bone position.  The heels are the same height in both images. 

Normal coffin bone position  
Heel Location
 Location of heels, etc.

Many people are not clear what is heel and what is heel quarter. Or where to measure heel height.

Heel height (above the sole) is measured in the v of the seat of corn.

(This is not a foot I trimmed, btw.)



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