Kyrgyzstan Horses at Work

Here are some photos of horses in Kyrgyzstan.  They are all barefoot and cover the harshest of terrain, at high altitude (18,00 ft), carrying men and supplies.  For those who claim horses cannot go barefoot because we ride them, certainly this is proof of what they can do. 

The person who took the photos did not focus on the feet, but in a few shots you can see they are short. 

In the photo with just the two horses (second row, far left)  you can see an interesting way of hobbling a horse.

  • Horses near antlersHorses near antlers
  • groupgroup
  • hobbled_horsehobbled_horse

  • horses_on_snowhorses_on_snow
  • packing_uppacking_up
  • three_horsesthree_horses

  • view_over_saddleview_over_saddle