Trimmer Certification

Certification Process

PLEASE NOTE:  The HGM the Certification Process has been changed.


As of December 10, 2013, in order to become certified, applicants must:


One: Take the online course with photo evaluation
Two: Pass all 10 quizzes and the final test
Three: Submit the following:

3 case studies* of 3 different horses over the course of 3 trims, with before and after photos according to Photo Instructions.  The case studies must include a description of how and why applicant trimmed as they did, and will be reviewed for understanding and accuracy in applying the Hoof Guided Method.

An essay explaining the principles and application of the HGM.

If all requirements are met, and the trimming is correct, a $25 fee must be paid to be certified.  There is no charge if applicant doesn't meet the requirements and/or the trimming is not correct.


Maintaining Certification

In order to remain certified trimmers must submit 2 case studies over a period of 2 trims, annually.


* A case study consists of pre and post-trim photos (according to Photo Instructions) of a single horse over the course of multiple trims.  Please read the photo instructions carefully!