Transformation - Lucy in 2 days


These photos are from Lucy's email consult (see Lucy - 4 Week Transformation). The post-trim photo was so amazing I just had to post.

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two day transformation small

This photo shows the LF lateral view of Lucy. 

The photo on the right is the pre-trim photo taken on December 7, 2012. The black arrow points to the angle change between the newer growth and the old growth.

The trim instructions were to bevel the wall from heel quarter to heel quarter, leaving the heels and bars alone, and to bevel the toe to just in front of the sole ridge from 10 to 2.

The photo on the left is the post-trim photo taken after the trim on December 9, 2012. The black arrow points to the angle change between the tighter growth at the top and the old growth. Notice that the tighter growth is quite a bit lower than before the trim. I credit this ability of the hoof capsule to regain a more normal angle to the elasticity of the inner wall. Once the pressure of the forward toe is relieved (leaving the heels alone contributes to relieving the pressure as well - if the heels are trimmed, pressure is created by keeping the distance between the heels and the toe longer than the foot can support) the foot can relax into a more normal state.

Contrary to popular belief the hoof does not always have to grow all the way out from the coronary band.



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