Transformation - Mason One Month


These photos are from an email consult. Email consults can be very frustrating as often I don't get to see the final result. That was the case here.

Mason pre-trim 6-16-12  
Left Front Pre-Trim June 16, 2012

The heels are very long, and the toe is forward. Though the tip of the frog is close to the edge of the wall, the long heels and the stretched frog tell the truth.

The frog is buried in sole - which the foot has put down to protect itself. The solution, as is the case in the vast majority of cases, is to back the toe. That is the advice I gave the owner. Specifically "Bevel the toe . . . and do nothing else."

I promised the owner that she would be amazed in a few weeks.  Well, even I was amazed!

Pre-trim photo 7-16-12  
Left Front Pre-trim July 16, 2012

Wow! was my thought! The amount of exfoliation even surprised me. My advice was as follows: "Exfoliate all the dead sole. Then take hoof wall down to just above sole level. If there is heel height after sole removal, bring heels down to ¼ inch above the sole. Bevel toe to ridge. You might want to send a photo after you exfoliate." I included my phone number so that she could send the photo to my phone and get speedy additional instructions, which would have included trimming the frog (the stretched frog has released and peeled backwards and is now lying in the collateral groove.)

Clearly there would have been quite a bit of heel height after exfoliation!

However, despite these great results - or maybe because of them, that was the end of the consult.

These photos show how incredibly quickly the foot can transform itself. Much faster than if the heels had been trimmed, and/or the sole cut out at the first trim. By letting nature do it - and nature is just waiting for the chance!! - the horse is never made sore.


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