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These photos are from people who are trimming their own horses using the HGM


J. in the UK

S. in Canada

W. in Washington state


J. in the UK 

RF in January 2013 before starting HGM RF in July 2013
LF in January 2013 before starting the HGM  LF in July 2013
LH in January 2013 before starting HGM trim

LH July 2013

Notice how the uneven heel (right side) has fixed itself.


 S. in Canada  
 RH pre trim March 16, 2013


This photo shows an extreme imbalance of the heels. To many this is seen as one heel growing more than the other, or one being worn more than the other. The HGM sees this as an imbalance in the coffin bone - a tilting from side to side instead of it being level medial-laterally. This was an email consult and my trimming advice was to trim both heels down to 1/4 inch above the sole, trim the heel quarters to 1/8 inch above the sole and to very lightly trim the bars.  The client had already beveled the toe.  

RH pre trim 7-24-13

This is the same foot on July 24, 2013. Notice that the horse has fixed the imbalance.  The heels now match and the bars are small and low.  The horse still has work to do - decontracting the back of the foot, but imagine how much better he feels.

Another point to be made here is that the horse will fix issues in the order of its choosing.  We, as trimmers, should not try to decide what the order is. Nature is far wiser than we are.

kimama under saddle

The horse to the right lives in western Washington state (the wet part) and just finished her first competitive trail ride.  

The feet below belong to her, and the photos were taken just 5 days after the ride for her email consult.

The feet are not yet where we want them, but are well on their way. The important thing is that the horse is sound and she and her rider are having fun.

left front right front
left hind  right hind


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