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HGM Basic Trimming Course $50

Course includes electronic version of book and consists of the book, online articles & videos, discussion and questions, with 10 weekly quizzes, and final test.  Course includes 4 photo consults.  For those owners who want to trim their own horses.



HGM Advanced Trimming Course $200

The course includes a hard copy of the book, along with the Instructional DVD, and consists of the book, DVD, online articles & videos, discussion and questions, as well as homework assigments.  There are 16 weekly quizzes, 16 homework assignments, and a final test. Course also includes 6 photo consults. For those who want to do more than trim their own horses.


 Trimming Evaluation

PLEASE NOTE:  This can only be purchased one time - by those who have purchased the course.  It is NOT for email consults. You will be issued a refund and will not receive an email consult if you continue.







HGM Instructional DVD


Natural Barefoot Trimming: The Hoof Guided Method

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