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Online Hoof Guided Method Courses

Courses are based on the book, along with all the articles and videos on my website. This course is tailored to each individual - they are not cookie cutter. Along with the printed material, discussion via email is encouraged to facilitate true understanding of the theory. There is no time limit for completion.


Basic Course - $50

Course includes an electronic version of book and consists of the book, online articles & videos, discussion and questions, with 10 weekly quizzes, and final test. Course includes 2 photo consults.  For those who want to trim their own horses.

 Advanced Course - $200

The course includes a hard copy of the book, along with the Instructional DVD, and consists of the book, DVD, online articles & videos, discussion and questions, as well as homework assigments, 16 weekly quizzes, 16 homework assignments, and a final test. Course also includes 4 photo consults.  For those who want to do more than just trim their own horses.

Trimming Evaluations - $40

The Trimming Evaluations include evaluation and trimming advice via 4 email consults. For the students who have completed the online course.


This is NOT boring old stuff - this course offers a totally new way of looking at anatomy, function, and trimming not found anywhere else. 

The difference between being an average trimmer and a truly successful trimmer is not only knowledge but the ability to utilize it. The best trimmer is a thinking trimmer. Throw out the old myths and move to a new level of understanding.  

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Natural Barefoot Trimming: The Hoof Guided Method

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